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Technology In The PracticeTMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of New Hampshire

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At our office, we use a Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) to evaluate the health and function of your TMJs or jaw joints. The JVA works by recording the vibrations created by joint fluid, cartilage, and bone as you open and close your mouth. This test takes only ten seconds of opening and closing your mouth to objectively measure and document the true health of your jaw joint. The JVA is useful to identify problems within the joint that can be responsible for the wear or pain of the joint. This test also allows us to pinpoint any underlying issues before moving on to the treatment phase, this way we can avoid any treatment that could damage ore strain your TMJs.
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MLS Laser Therapy uses “MLS Warm Laser Technology” is a state-of-the-art system that has been proven to reduce swelling, reduce pain, and promote healing without the use of any medication. This laser is a go-to and favorite tool for the entire team. Typically, dental treatments are either painful or inflammatory. Well, not this treatment, the MLS laser does not cause any pain and it offers immediate pain and inflammation relief.
medibyte® junior device

Home Sleep Testing

Powerful. Simple.

MediByte® Junior is a Type 3 Recorder

MediByte® Jr Home Sleep Testing (HSAT) is a modern device that provides simple, cost-effective, and reliable screening for sleep apnea. The device is made up of smooth nylon/plastic with an extra-strength LEMO™ connector, the MediByte® Jr was designed for durability. This device is small and weighs only 91 grams, this makes it the ideal option for both adults and children. The MediByte® Jr uses side wings to attach the unit to the chest effort belt without requiring a holding vest or pouch.

On-board oximetry, and internal pressure sensor eliminates external transducers. Studies are stored on the internal memory and downloaded via a USB computer connection.

The MediByte® Jr has an on-board oximeter and an internal pressure which allows for all vital signs to be picked up in one device. This little device also has internal memory and USB capabilities that are useful for storing and sharing the results of the study.

This little device is amazingly accurate and even CPAP compatible. The MediByte® Jr is perfect for titration studies or 12-week follow-up evaluations.

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fotona laser

Fotona Laser

Benefits of Fotona for Snoring:
  • Research has shown that NightLase can reduce snoring and provides an effective, non- invasive way to lessen the effects of snoring.
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